Working Spouse Verification

The adoption of working spouse provisions, such as a spouse surcharge or carve out/exclusion, continues to be a valuable benefit modification when working to reduce expense and improve plan performance.

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Working Spouse Verification

Rising healthcare costs have sparked a new interest in “working spouse” rules by employer sponsored health plans looking for alternative modalities of cost containment. These provisions, when implemented correctly, mitigate some or all of the cost associated with providing healthcare coverage for a dependent spouse who has coverage through his or her respective employer. However, often times these provisions experience poor participation due to a lack of verification of the spouse’s access to other coverage. The end result is a cost containment initiative that fails to realize its maximum effectiveness.

Consova working spouse verification relies on the actual confirmation of other coverage with the spouse’s employer, assuages cost and mitigates risk for employer-sponsored health plans regardless of the type of provision. Through enhanced enforcement of these provisions, on average our clients realize over 300 percent greater program participation in the established working spouse rule and thus offset more of the risk and liability of spousal dependents.

5 Million Dependents Reviewed

$1 Billion in Client Savings

98% Employee Response Rate

10:1 Return on Investment



Consova is dedicated to the goal of driving unnecessary costs out of healthcare. Working with household names such as Nokia, Sony, Sprint and many others, Consova has delivered over a billion dollars in healthcare savings to our clients.

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