Since 2003 , Consova has been helping employers with employer-sponsored health plans eliminate wasteful spending by ensuring that only truly eligible dependents are enrolled on the plan and by maximizing the value of working spouse provisions.

With over 1,000 audits completed and over $1 billion in savings generated for our clients, Consova is a market leader in the healthcare cost containment space. Organizations large to small look to Consova because of our best-of-breed approach that generates unmatched results while delivering the best possible employee experience.

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Services for Employers – employing the service below will save the typical employer 3 to 5% on their healthcare expenses.

Dependent Eligibility Verification

Helping employers eliminate the risk of costly ineligible dependents on their plan while offering employees the smoothest audit process possible.

Working Spouse Provision Audit

Maximizing the value of working spouse rules by verifying the availability of coverage directly with a spouse’s employer, resulting in 300% better accuracy.

Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification

Preserving the integrity of benefit plans on an ongoing basis by verifying dependent eligibility during qualifying life events, new hires, open enrollment and acquisitions.


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