Since 2003 , Consova has been helping employers eliminate wasteful spending by ensuring that only eligible dependents are enrolled on the plan(s) and by maximizing the value of working spouse provisions.

Dependent Eligibility Verification

Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification


Working Spouse Verification

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Eliminate Wasteful Spending

With thousands of audits completed and over $1 billion in savings generated for our clients, Consova is a market leader in the healthcare cost containment space. Organizations large to small look to Consova because of our best-of-breed approach that generates unmatched results while delivering the best possible employee experience.

Most plans reduce their annual healthcare spend by up to 12 percent in the first year by ensuring that only eligible dependents remain on the plan. Now more than ever that this is a critical component that must be part of the overall benefits structure. The best news is that it takes nothing away from the employee. It actually creates an opportunity to reduce unnecessary spending and use those dollars for other valuable programs and benefits.

Increase Efficiency & Enhance the Employee Experience

Resources continue to tighten across HR and Benefits departments. Consova’s integrated solutions offer a way to decrease the amount of time needed from our clients during our projects by increasing data transfer efficiency, integrated reporting and seamless employee interaction without going out to a third party site in order to participate in their verification. Through the use of APIs and easy to use interfaces for employees to interact via a smartphone, the verification process now more than ever can become an easy process within dependent enrollment.

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When to Verify?

The other question that we hear often is “When should employers launch a verification?” and the answer is as soon as they can. Many employers are gearing up for the next year’s plan and if never performed before, a dependent verification should be a key part of their cost control strategy. Launching soon after open enrollment ensures that only eligible deponents drive costs in the new plan year. To ensure only eligible dependents enroll in the future, consider ongoing verifications either in real-time at the point of enrollment or periodically i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

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Consova is dedicated to the goal of driving unnecessary costs out of healthcare. Working with household names like Nokia, Sony, Sprint and many others, Consova has delivered over a billion dollars in healthcare savings to our clients.

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