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Below are a few tips that will expedite the process:

Plan Details: Gather all relevant plan details, such as the number of employees on the plan, number of enrolled dependents, annual costs per dependent type (to forecast ROI), etc.

Working Spouse Provisions: If you have a working spouse provision, such as a spousal surcharge or exclusion rule, this can be included in the dependent eligibility verification process, and, depending on the rule type, can result in a 200% increase in ROI.

Proposal Comparison: If you are comparing Consova to other vendors, we recommend including the following selection criteria in your selection model:

  • Inclusion of an appeals phase
  • 100% U.S. Based call center
  • Dual-documentation requirement
  • Average response rate
  • Performance guarantees
  • Employee PII data security protocols
  • Program customization

These program components will ensure that your organization realizes the best possible ROI, while providing employees and their dependents the best possible audit experience.

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