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Audit Participant

If you received a letter or email regarding a dependent eligibility audit and need assistance, please visit our help center.

Dependent Eligibility Verification

Each year, Consova identifies thousands of dependents who do not meet plan definitions of an “eligible dependent.” The simple fact is ineligible dependents inappropriately utilize up to a staggering 12% of plan assets. Learn how Consova delivers unmatched results while offering employees the smoothest, most user-friendly audit experience possible.

Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification

Consova offers comprehensive Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification services to maintain plan integrity between full dependent audits. While ongoing dependent eligibility verification audits are important for any employer, they are critical for any organization with high levels of employee turnover or geographically dispersed employee populations.

Spouse Re-Review Verification

In an effort to reduce healthcare expenditures and mitigate risk, a large percentage of employers have already performed a dependent eligibility verification. The opportunity for savings does not stop at that point. Numerous employers are re-reviewing their spouse populations as many of the divorces are simply not reported.

Working Spouse Verification

Consova’s Working Spouse Verification enables employers to boost participation in the rule by 300% or more by confirming the availability of coverage directly with a spouse’s employer. Learn how your plan can achieve 30% participation in its spousal surcharge or spousal carve-out rule.

Employee Proof of Vaccination

As more and more employers are seeing their workforce return on-site, one question arises on the safety and well being of their employees. Companies large and small are looking for a fast and efficient way to implement a secure vaccination status verification process with minimal employee effort.

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