Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification

Preserve the integrity of your benefit plan on an ongoing basis by verifying the eligibility of all dependents enrolling in the plan. Conducted after an initial audit or as a stand-alone service, Consova’s ongoing services ensure that only eligible dependents are enrolling in coverage.

Maintain Plan Integrity on an Ongoing Basis

New dependents are added to employer benefit plans for a variety of reasons, including the dependents of new hires, those with qualifying event changes, open enrollment and acquisitions. To ensure that these individuals are eligible at the time of enrollment, employers implement Consova’s ongoing verification services. This can be real-time, weekly, or monthly.

Consova helps organizations conduct ongoing dependent eligibility verification audits to ensure that only eligible dependents are added to benefit plans over the course of a year. On average, roughly 10% of the dependents added mid-year are not eligible for coverage. In addition, it is not uncommon for an employee to attempt to re-enroll an individual that was previously identified as ineligible. Ongoing verifications are the best practice for effectively maintaining the integrity of an employer-sponsored plan.

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When is the Best Time to Verify Newly Added Dependents?

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