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Consova joins forces with private equity firms to offer a full range of healthcare cost containment solutions to portfolio companies. Leading private equity firms, such as the Blackstone Group, are collaborating with Consova to help portfolio companies strengthen their commitment to running benefit plans in a fiscally responsible manner and gain control over a major cost factor in their businesses.

“We ran a rigorous RFP process which evaluated the best firms in this space. Because of their commitment to service and innovative approach, Consova separated themselves from the field and was the clear choice for us.”

– Dr. Robert Galvin, Chief Executive Officer of Equity Healthcare

To learn more about the results we have generated for numerous employers, download a complimentary copy of our Cross Industry Report.

The healthcare cost containment solutions offered by Consova afford private equity firms the opportunity to meaningfully reduce the annual healthcare spend at portfolio companies. These savings are achieved through comprehensive dependent eligibility verification programs, including:

Comprehensive Dependent Eligibility Verification

We partner with brokerage firms to help employers optimize plan performance through comprehensive dependent eligibility programs designed to mitigate the risk of ineligible dependents and maximize the value of working spouse provisions.

Dependent Eligibility Verification

Helping employers eliminate the risk of costly ineligible dependents on their plan while offering employees the smoothest audit process possible.

Working Spouse Provision Audit

Maximizing the value of working spouse rules by verifying the availability of coverage directly with a spouse’s employer, resulting in 300% better accuracy.

Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification

Preserving the integrity of benefit plans on an ongoing basis by verifying dependent eligibility during qualifying life events, new hires, open enrollment and acquisitions.

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