Lower Health Spend With Modernized Dependent Eligibility Audit Services

Consova is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to save billions on healthcare costs.

Unlock Savings and Simplify Your Workflow

Dependent eligibility verification shouldn’t be a headache for employees or HR and benefits administration teams. At Consova, we specialize in providing modernized health insurance eligibility verification services that prioritize the employee experience. Our solutions help reduce total healthcare spend by up to 12% and ensure a convenient, hassle-free experience for everyone involved by providing:

  • Real-time verification
  • Ability to Integrate with benefit administration workflows
  • 24/7 interactive, transparent employer web reporting portal
  • Secure, co-branded employee web portal (mobile friendly)
  • IVR technology for additional phone support (24/7)
  • Chat for web portals
  • And more

Consult with one of our healthcare cost containment specialists today to explore a new approach that not only saves you money but also streamlines the verification workflow. Simply complete the form to begin a complimentary consultation.

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Discover Savings by Partnering With an Employee-First Dependent Eligibility Audit Vendor

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Is Your Current Benefits Workflow Losing You Money?

Dependent verification audit services are crucial for saving healthcare costs, with approximately 5% to 8% of plan dependents found to be ineligible. Identifying these inaccuracies drives major cost savings for employers and employees alike. However, lowering health spend is impossible if employees are unwilling or unable to complete eligibility audits.

Consova stands apart as a leading provider of employee-first audit workflows that revolutionize the eligibility verification experience with a fully modernized workflow. Our unique approach helps self-funded employers realize maximum healthcare savings by:

  • Enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Streamlining verification workflows for your HR and benefits staff
  • Improving convenience and transparency across your organization

Consova can help you identify gaps in your current dependent verification workflow and unlock substantial savings. Calculate the potential savings your organization could realize with convenient, efficient, and employee-first healthcare eligibility services.

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Based on Number of Dependents

Transforming Healthcare Savings

Trusted by Industry Leaders

As a value-driven dependent verification audit vendor, Consova is dedicated to the goal of driving unnecessary costs out of healthcare. Working with household names like Nokia, Sony, Sprint and many others, Consova has delivered over a billion dollars in healthcare savings to our clients.

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Experience the Impact of Consova

Integration, Modernization & Convenience

How does Consova enrich the audit experience? Our health plan dependent eligibility audit services platform is custom-built to seamlessly integrate into your current enrollment platform. We make it easy and convenient to verify dependent eligibility for health insurance, providing comprehensive support for employees every step of the way with real-time communication and intuitive workflows. Learn more about how you can save time, eliminate confusion, and improve the overall employee experience by scheduling a consultation today.

Minimize Frustration. Maximize Savings.

Consova is here to help you realize unprecedented health plan savings while delivering the best possible audit experience. Schedule a consultation to find out how we can help your organization.

Audit Participant

If you received a letter or email regarding a dependent eligibility audit and need assistance, please visit our help center.

Download the Case Study

Download the Case Study

Download the Case Study

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Download the Data Sheet

Download the Data Sheet

Download the Data Sheet