What We Can Learn From the Titanic

When it comes to dependent eligibility verification, most employer-sponsored health plans think of it merely as a cost containment tool. While it certainly delivers cost containment, quite effectively we might add, it is important not to overlook the risk mitigation benefits of a dependent eligibility audit.


The Audit Front Line – The Call Center

As part of our standard audit process, Consova establishes a dedicated, toll-free phone number for employees to contact our call center team. During the audit period, call center representatives are available to answer questions concerning the process.

Experienced call center staff makes all the difference.

2016 Trend – ACA Compliance Costs

A dependent audit, especially when paired with ongoing verification, will help your clients offset the ACA cost burden with significant, immediate cost savings.

Cadillac Tax Delayed

While the delay gives employers a little breathing room, it should not change the urgency to make changes to avoid the tax.