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Consova has partnered with brokers since 2003 , and we greatly value the long-lasting relationships we have built. Trusted by the leading firms, Consova is continuously recommended by the broker community because of our ability to deliver unmatched audit results while offering the industry’s best possible employee experience.

Brokers are acutely aware that not all dependent eligibility audits are created equal. A bad audit experience not only reflects poorly on the audit vendor but can make the broker and their firm look bad as well. We take this responsibility seriously and have a long, documented track record of delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction. When a broker recommends Consova, they can rest assured that the audit will deliver the highest possible ROI and offer the employer and their employees the best possible audit experience.

With over 1,000 audits completed and over $1 billion in savings generated for our clients, Consova is a market leader in the healthcare cost containment space. Whether your brokerage serves large Fortune 500 companies or smaller, more regional organizations, Consova is the go-to resource for healthcare cost containment.

To learn more about Consova’s results, download a complimentary copy of our Cross Industry Report.

Comprehensive Dependent Eligibility Verification:

We partner with brokerage firms to help employers optimize plan performance through comprehensive dependent eligibility programs designed to mitigate the risk of ineligible dependents and maximize the value of working spouse provisions.

Dependent Eligibility Verification

Helping employers eliminate the risk of costly ineligible dependents on their plan while offering employees the smoothest audit process possible.

Working Spouse Provision Audit

Maximizing the value of working spouse rules by verifying the availability of coverage directly with a spouse’s employer, resulting in 300% better accuracy.

Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification

Preserving the integrity of benefit plans on an ongoing basis by verifying dependent eligibility during qualifying life events, new hires, open enrollment and acquisitions.


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