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Maximize the value of working spouse provision rules by verifying the availability of coverage directly with a spouse’s employer, resulting in 300% better performance.

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Generate 30% More Participation

To ease the burden of ever-rising health care costs, employers are adopting new plan provisions restricting coverage for spouses. These provisions can take a few forms, including spousal carve-outs or spousal surcharges, and allow employers to offset all or part of the cost of providing coverage to spouses that have access to coverage elsewhere. To address this growing cost containment strategy, Consova has pioneered a Working Spouse Provision Verification process that routinely realizes 30% total participation through the verification of the availability of other coverage directly with the spouse’s employer.

Don’t Settle for 8% Participation

While the savings potential is significant, on average, employers only experience 8-9% participation in a working spouse provision. These lackluster results can be directly attributed to the verification process being utilized by many employers—the honor system or a simple affidavit approach.

Reduce Plan Costs by 5% or More

The opportunity to generate significant cost savings is a leading reason why 27% of large employers have already adopted some form of a working spouse provision. Whether your organization looks to offset some of the cost of covering spouses by implementing a spousal surcharge or the entire cost by implementing an exclusion rule (spousal carve-out), the savings can easily reach into the millions and help you reduce your total plan spending by up to 5%.

Employer Coverage Confirmation

To realize the maximum cost savings from a working spouse provision, employers must verify the availability of other coverage with the spouse’s employer. On average, this approach, exclusive to Consova, yields 25-30% participation in the rule, resulting in 300% more cost savings than the affidavit approach (8-9% participation on average).

Dependent Eligibility Verification

Each year, ineligible dependents inappropriately utilize up to a staggering 3-5% of plan assets. Learn how Consova mitigates this risk and delivers unmatched results for our clients through comprehensive dependent eligibility verification.

Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification

Consova offers comprehensive Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification services to maintain plan integrity between full dependent audits. An ongoing audit is critical for any organization with high levels of employee turnover or geographically dispersed employee populations.

*Return on Investment (ROI) Guarantee equated to 10% of all fees paid to Consova in the event that the audit fails to deliver the promised ROI.

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