Insurance Carriers

When it comes to cost containment, claim payment accuracy and efficiency are paramount to optimizing plan performance. For this reason, some of the largest payers in the country, including Kaiser Permanente, look to Consova to mitigate the risk of claim payment errors.

As a leader in healthcare cost containment, Consova is constantly exploring new ways of improving payment integrity. We realize that small inaccuracies in claim processing, when left unaddressed, can have a significant financial impact. With greater transparency in claim administration comes significant opportunity to identify payment errors and take concrete measures to avoid costly reoccurrences.

What makes Consova truly unique is our ability to increase value, regardless of whether we are your first or third pass auditor. Our ability to couple conventional and unconventional methods enables us to identify and recover claim payment errors that others miss.

Payment Integrity

Using advanced analytical tools, Consova supplements the efforts of insurance companies to identify and recover overpayments from providers. Consova works directly with the largest payers to ensure that a plan’s assets are preserved, minimizing healthcare costs in the process. Of course, this process effectively translates into enormous savings.

OverPayment and Recovery

To stop profit leakage and improve bottom line performance, payers need to take a new approach to payment integrity. This is where Consova’s diligent, thoughtful approach to retrospective claims accuracy comes into play. Our team of industry veterans dig deep to find overpayments and recover the funds while respecting your sensitive provider relationships.

Credit Balance Audit

Identify revenue leakage and recapture the corresponding lost dollars through the identification of insurance overpayments and claims errors. We preserve your relationship with providers and operate as an independent third party to identify, collect, and return payment errors. As an independent auditor not affiliated or owned by a health insurance carrier, we eliminate conflicts of interest and ensure your confidential claims data is not shared with a competitor.


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