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Payment Transparency—Mitigate the Cost Burden of Coding Errors

With Consova’s Payment Transparency solution, we eliminate the payroll burden on the provider and provide financial risk mitigation to operations and revenue cycle management. Consova aims to provide consistency to the provider’s practice, avoiding major cost burdens due to coding errors, and provide greater patient satisfaction that payments are correct. We are committed to the Triple Aim philosophy.

Provider practices that employ numerous admins, coders and billers add to overhead as part of your revenue cycle operations. Consova provides reimbursement expertise to measure the performance (efficiency and accuracy) of your revenue cycle claims process post-submission and provides insight on correction strategies. Additionally, the extra staff and time would no longer be required to review an overpayment (for example), shifting the focus of your practice to generating new revenue.

Constantly updating coding knowledge expertise becomes an unmanageable demand on any provider practice as regulations and documentation requirements increase due to the Affordable Care Act. With our CPC certified team, Consova requires only time and access to your system to provide records audit expertise, leaving your staff free to focus on generating new revenue. Our service provides on-site or remote reviews of medical records to ensure that you, the provider, were reimbursed properly. If there is a balance due, we inform you to ensure that your operations are not affected by future down adjustments the carrier may perform to balance the books.

We aim for payment accuracy, and we are committed to your on-going success. If there is a payment to be made to the carrier, we ensure you are paying the right amount and advise you on the appeals process. Moreover, we can recognize frequent patterns and work with you to eliminate those errors from happening.

Sporadic financial withholdings or adjustments are detrimental to any provider practice and are unpredictable; this is devastating to day-to-day operations and patient care. Consova mitigates that risk, ensuring your records are up to date and audited. Additionally, with the Consova Seal, your patients will see that you undergo a third-party audit to ensure that they are not overpaying for their healthcare services, differentiating you from your competitors who do not.


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