Employee Proof of Vaccination

Vaccine mandates have been gaining momentum as employers have been looking for ways to return to the office. Now, with federal mandates on the horizon, the question of whether to require worker vaccinations has been settled, giving way to a long list of questions about how to do it. Consova has the solution.

Audit Participant

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Return to Work With Confidence

Verification is Easy as 1,2,3

As more and more employers are seeing their workforce return on-site, one question arises on the safety and well being of their employees. Companies large and small are looking for a fast and efficient way to implement a secure vaccination status verification process with minimal employee effort.

What We Collect for Verification Status

  • CDC Proof of Vaccination Card, or
  • State Issued Proof of Vaccination, or
  • Physician Exemption Letter, or
  • Vaccination Exemption Form

How Employees Participate

  • Employees will be directed to a secure online co-branded web portal to upload proof of vaccination via a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Participants will receive a confirmation that they have submitted their proof of vaccination.
  • For additional vaccines required in the future, employees will simply upload the required proof of that specific vaccination.

Continuous Monitoring / Warehousing of Vaccination Status Information

  • Consova will monitor all participants that have submitted proof of vaccination or their required waiver to ensure that if additional vaccinations are required that they meet the rules to complete and prove that vaccination has occurred.
  • Throughout the year all newly hired employee will be notified and have the same access to provide their required proof of vaccination.
  • All images will be warehoused for future reference and reports on status will be provided.

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