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Minimize the Pain and Maximize the Gain

When it comes to Dependent Eligibility Verification: We’re objective, we secure and manage your data, we don’t cut corners so you’ll get a better return, and we’re with you all the way through the appeals process. Your staff will be supported by someone they know by name, someone who ensures that the process runs smoothly, someone who will be focused on getting you the best return possible. We minimize the pain and maximize the gain, and we guarantee* it.

  • Industry leading 98% average completion rate supported by live reminder calls from our US call center
  • Industry leading ROI at up to 10:1
  • 100% US based operations
  • A dedicated team of HR professionals making sure the process runs smoothly
  • Highest level of data security with SOC 2 / Type 2 certification
  • Conduct HIPPA compliance audits as an additional measure to safeguard your data
  • Straightforward pricing – no hidden or surprise fees

* profile requirements

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Over $1B in First-year Savings Generated for Our Clients and Counting…

Chances are your health care plan is unknowingly subsidizing coverage for dependents that do not meet your plan’s eligibility requirements. If you do not have a highly vigilant dependent verification process in place, or if it has been several years since your last dependent audit, your organization could be spending millions every year on completely unnecessary health care expenses. A Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit from Consova is the most effective, employee-friendly way to mitigate this risk and realize considerable (often 3-5%) savings. And, with a 98% average participation rate and the industry’s most aggressive ROI guarantee, you can rest assured that Consova will deliver the results you need and the audit experience your employees deserve.

Identifying 5-8% of Dependents as Ineligible

With our Dependent Eligibility Audit services, we can help employers reduce their total health care spending by 3-5% through the identification of 5-8% of dependents as ineligible. Unlike other cost containment measures, eligibility verification does not shift costs onto employees. Instead, it works to remove costs from the system entirely, creating meaningful cost savings that immediately boost bottom line performance. And, with an average participation rate of 98%, Consova offers the most accurate dependent eligibility audit process on the market.

The Most Employee-friendly Audit Experience

While identifying cost savings and managing risk are important business outcomes, don’t overlook the impact an audit will have on your employee population. Employees are the most valuable asset your organization has, and their treatment during an audit can be the difference between success and failure.

Consova is passionate about providing an educational experience that treats your employees with dignity and respect. While we are just as results-driven as the next vendor, we go the extra mile to ensure that every eligible dependent remains on the plan.

Live Outbound Reminder Calls:

Employee participation is critical to achieve quality results. Knowing that a majority of the employees are actually “doing the right thing” with respect to enrolling eligible dependents, our live outbound calls go a long way in supporting those employees that may need a little extra assistance in completing the verification process—from sourcing their vital records to proper submission of their documents.

100% US-based (and no sub-contractors)

Unlike many service providers, Consova does not sub-contract or offshore any services. Instead, Consova utilizes a 100% U.S.-based team of employees to maintain the highest possible quality control and data security. Our call center is staffed with experienced, highly trained audit associates dedicated exclusively to dependent verification. Bilingual staff and flexible operating hours ensure that every employee completes the audit process smoothly.

Appeals Phase Included

Consova includes an appeals phase with every project. Most of our competitors either do not offer appeals at all, or additional (hidden) fees apply. Handing this critically important process back to the employer eliminates process continuity, increases the risk for error and places an unnecessary burden on the employer’s HR department. Although the exclusion of this phase can save a few dollars up front, the back end cost and hassle can be far greater.

Custom–tailored Audit Program

Dependent eligibility audits are not one-size-fits-all. We personalize every audit program to the client, reflecting the client’s unique plan design, timeframes and corporate culture. From the audit protocol to the branded communications, every aspect of the audit is customized to meet your objectives. With Consova, each client will be provided a dedicated phone line and co-branded employee and employer portals with custom content.

Ensuring the Highest Level of Security to Protect Sensitive Employee Information

Consova is the clear leader in the industry when it comes to security. Consova maintains SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II Certification, demonstrating its controls as a service organization relevant to security, availability, processing, integrity, confidentiality and privacy. Additionally, independent HITECH/HIPAA reviews are conducted to ensure our practices, procedures, policies, system architecture and encryption technologies protect the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive employee data.

Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit

Consova offers comprehensive Ongoing Eligibility Verification services to maintain plan integrity between full dependent audits. While ongoing dependent verification audits are important for any employer, they are critical for any organization with high levels of employee turnover or geographically dispersed employee populations.

Working Spouse Provision Verification

Consova’s Working Spouse Provision audit enables employers to boost participation in the rule by 300% or more by confirming the availability of coverage directly with a spouse’s employer. Learn how your plan can achieve 30% participation in its spousal surcharge or spousal carve-out rule.

*Return on Investment (ROI) Guarantee equated to 10% of all fees paid to Consova in the event that the audit fails to deliver the promised ROI.

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