Research Study:

Consova Cross Industry Report

Discover Insights From 50 Recent Dependent Eligibility Audits Across 7 Key Industry Sectors

Download the Consova Cross Industry Report to learn about how dependent eligibility audits performed for 50 organizations across 7 industries, including analysis on which industries realized the most savings. Learn which industries actualized the highest ineligible rates and average per capita savings, and gain a greater understanding on how an organization’s size impacts cost containment initiatives.

Quick Snapshot:

  • The average ineligible rate in the study was 11.4%; well above the 5-8% industry average
  • The transportation industry experienced the highest average ineligible rate
  • The healthcare industry experienced the highest average savings
  • Spousal surcharges are on the rise
  • The amount of the surcharge correlates to the size of the organization

Cross Industry Report

Cross Industry Report DL

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