Ron Kubit joins as the Chief Executive Officer of Medtech Global Americas and Consova Corporations, ushering a new echelon of growth and market expansion. Prior to joining, Ron was an executive of Optum, which serves virtually every dimension of health care systems, working with diverse clients across 140 countries – from those who diagnose and treat patients to those who pay for care; deliver health services, and those who supply cures.

His experience is vast, he founded a healthcare IT solutions company with operations in the US and Canada.  The company developed disease/wellness solutions in the U.S. and Canada, ER pen based solutions, ICU applications, teleradiology integration solutions and pharmacogenomics decision support application.  He has been an entrepreneur, worked for multinational companies such as Ernst & Young as well as EDS, and has lived in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Ron has a passion for getting involved, where he previously held the position of president of the Colorado Healthcare Strategy Management (CHSM) professional association, presently on the Advisory Board of Roosevelt University (Chicago, Il.) and on the board of No Barriers.  He is the past president of the Colorado Neurological Institute, Advisory Board of Daniels Business School – Denver University and one of the founding members of the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust – Tanzania.