The Audit Front Line – The Call Center

As part of our standard audit process, Consova establishes a dedicated, toll-free phone number for employees to contact our call center team. During the audit period, call center representatives are available to answer questions concerning the process.

Experienced call center staff makes all the difference.

Green (Paper-Free) Audits

Beyond the audit approach, success in dependent eligibility verification comes down to three things—communication, communication, and communication. Crafting and distributing customized, data-driven employee communications improves audit compliance and creates a more employee-friendly audit experience.

2016 Trend – Continued Adoption of Working Spouse Provisions

As widely predicted, the adoption of working spouse provisions is continuing to climb. This trend is expected to continue in 2016, with 40% of employers planning to implement some version of a working spouse provision in the next two years.

2016 Trend – ACA Compliance Costs

A dependent audit, especially when paired with ongoing verification, will help your clients offset the ACA cost burden with significant, immediate cost savings.

Cadillac Tax Delayed

While the delay gives employers a little breathing room, it should not change the urgency to make changes to avoid the tax.

Mitigating the Risks of Open Enrollement

With a large volume of new, unverified dependents being added to plans during open enrollment, an inclusive mechanism for eligibility verification will be central to a plan’s ability to contain costs and mitigate risk.

Conducting Dependent Eligibility Audits: Optimizing Data Security

While there are a variety of different security controls that need to be in place, it’s also important that any vendor or subcontractor working within your company complies with HIPAA requirements and understands how the Affordable Care Act works.