What’s your hospital’s overpayment liability?

Underpayment reviews may not amount more than the total overpayments owed, but it can reduce the bill. Every dollar counts as healthcare dollars are being heavily scrutinized by the payer. Why should providers not do the same? Revenue leakage needs to be plugged at every level, and there are numerous underpayments that can be identified.

How much is your hospital losing in underpayments?

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) regularly conducts investigations regarding payments by law. In turn, there is some slight assurance that CMS operates in good faith and to their best effort. However, mistakes do occur.


What We Can Learn From the Titanic

When it comes to dependent eligibility verification, most employer-sponsored health plans think of it merely as a cost containment tool. While it certainly delivers cost containment, quite effectively we might add, it is important not to overlook the risk mitigation benefits of a dependent eligibility audit.