Leverage experience, insights & technology to eliminate wasteful spending and risk with our dependent eligibility audit.

The Leader in Dependent Eligibility Audits and Working Spouse Provision Verification

With over 500 audits completed and over $1B in savings generated, Consova is a leader in the Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit space. What sets our audits apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible financial outcomes, while maintaining the best possible employee experience.

Not only does Consova’s Dependent Eligibility Audit drive cost savings, it also helps employers comply with ERISA and Sarbanes-Oxley, which demand stringent healthcare cost control.

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Dependent Eligibility Audit Results

Ensuring Your Revenue Cycle's Payment Integrity with Precision

Whether we are the first-pass auditor or the third-pass safety net or even the last-pass sweeper, Consova’s highly sophisticated Precision Analytics® enables us to consistently identify and recover errant claim payments for our insurance carrier partners. Our team provides insights and innovations for finding errant claims both with our Precision Analytics® as well as human ingenuity. Consova’s Payment Integrity services, as an independent, third-party partner, ensures your essential provider relationships are preserved, especially with overpayment recoveries. We are committed to the utmost in customer service to our carrier and provider partners.

With all the corporate consolidations in the healthcare industry, we are not affiliated or owned by any insurance carrier, so there is no threat of access to your claims data and no conflict of interest from your competitors.

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